BOCAhealth wants to lead the innovation in the body fluid management field by providing disruptive high-tech solutions based on Artificial Intelligence able to predict and prevent acute and chronic diseases related with hydration problems. The Company wants to revolutionize the management of body fluid disorders by enhancing a not invasive diagnostic solutions for the monitoring of the hydration status of the human body.
BOCAhealth will be able to personalize the body fluid management up to the specific needs of patients and doctors, thanks to predictive tools and a medical decision support system able to guide diagnosis and optimize therapies. With our solutions we want to prevent acute and chronic diseases related with hydration problems in both Developed and Developing Countries.


This is our motto, that means that the patient is the central point of our project. We understand deeply the needs of patients that suffer from hydration and nutrition problems and we aim at improving their life.

We take advantage of the latest scientific insights for the development of innovative solutions to enhance the efficacy of our products.

For BOCAhealth means prevention and treatment improvement in both Developed and Developing Countries by avoiding globally severe complications related to hydration disorders.