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Predicting visceral adipose tissue in older adults: A pilot clinical study

Perna S, Faragli A, Spadaccini D, Peroni G, Gasparri C, Al-Mannai MA, Casali PM, La Porta E, Kelle S, Alogna A, Rondanelli M.
April 2022 - Clinical Nutrition
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Volume Balance in Chronic Kidney Disease: Evaluation Methodologies and Innovation Opportunities

La Porta E., Lanino L., Calatroni M., Caramella E., Avella A., Quinn C., Faragli A., Estienne L., Alogna A., Esposito P.
July 2021 - Kidney and Blood Pressure Research
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A random shuffle method to expand a narrow dataset and overcome the associated challenges in a clinical study: a heart failure cohort example

Fassina L., Faragli A., Lo Muzio F.P., Kelle S., Campana C., Pieske B., Edelmann F. and Alogna A.
November 2020 - Frontiers in Cardiovascular Medicine
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Out-of-Hospital care of Heart Failure Patients during and after COVID-19 pandemic: time for telemedicine?

Faragli A., La Porta E., Campana C., Pieske B., Kelle S., Koehler F. and Alogna A.
November 2020 - Frontiers in Digital Health
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Renal dysfunction in cardiovascular diseases and its consequences

Deferrari G., Cipriani A. and La Porta E.
September 2020 - Journal of Nephrology
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DXA-Derived Visceral Adipose Tissue (VAT) in elderly: percentiles of reference for gender and association with metabolic outcomes

Spadaccini D., Perna S., Peroni G., D’Antona G., Iannello G., Faragli A., Infantino V., Riva A., Petrangolini G., Negro M., Gasparri C. and Rondanelli M.
August 2020 - LIFE
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The role of non-invasive devices for the telemonitoring of heart failure patients

Faragli A., Abawi D., Quinn C., Cvetkovic M., Schlabs T., Tahirovic E., Düngen H.-D., Pieske B., Kelle S., Edelmann F. and Alogna A.
April 2020 - Heart Failure Reviews
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