The body fluid management company of the future

We develop new promising ideas in the field of digital healthcare with specific regards to the management of the human body fluids, by improving the patients journey from hospital to home.

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Partners & Providers

BOCAhealth is officially funded by Investitionsbank Berlin and the European Regional Development Fund.

Our Product

The aim of BOCAhealth is to develop smart solutions able to help patients,
medical doctors and hospital personnel in their daily decisions.


Our scientific approach consists in exploiting the latest scientific insights
for the development of innovative solutions in the field of body fluid management.

Bioimpedance analysis

Specific equations targeted
to different kind of patients

Machine learning

A software able to learn from the data

Predictive models

Forecasting the patient outcomes
with studied predictors

Medical support system

Assisting healthcare professionals
in making better clinical decisions

Smart medical solutions

Providing a personalized service
for medical practitioners

Body fluid balance management

A not invasive diagnostic approach
able to predict chronic diseases

How it works

BOCAhealth consists of a pocket-sized device that uses multi-frequency bioimpedance technology and a software integrated with A.I. features. Our solution offers the oppurtunity to measure and track the body composition, the hydration and nutrition status in an accurate, repeatable and continuous way. The machine learning technology helps to provide a personalized service for medical practitioners and satisfy their unique needs related to hydration management.


Our project is focused on acute and chronic diseases
related to hydration and nutrition problems.

Heart failure

Chronic and acute disease
marked by fluid overload


Patients with multiple comorbidities

Kidney disease

Chronic fluid retention
and dialysis patients


Chronic diseases
linked to malnutrition
and inflammation syndrome


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